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• Distinguished Board Members here present
• Our Resourceful Speakers
• New Associates
• Dear colleagues
It is my honour to again welcome all would-be Associates of the Council to the Induction ceremony holding here today. As you are aware, today is the grand finale of the Induction process which started virtually on Monday, with resourceful papers that were presented to equip you all with required knowledge needed for your professional journeys as Associates of the Council.
I do hope that you were greatly enriched listening to the lectures.

Today, I am most delighted that you would be receiving further lectures which would climax with your formal admission into our prestigious Council.

Kindly note that every part of these lectures are supposed to be taken seriously. Even though some of the issues to be raised may not be new to you as professionals, I admonish you to be humble and teachable, adhering to the wise saying that “presumption of ignorance is the first step to knowledge”.
Papers to be delivered would include “Corporate Governance” to be taken by Mrs Ekeoma Ezeibe, a distinguished Board Member and Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Council. Similarly, Mr. Pascal Egerue would be handling
“Ethics and Professionalism in Insurance Broking”, while Mr. Tope Adaramola would give insights into “Poise & Etiquette for professionals”.
Permit me to note that this admission of new Associates is one of the focus of the present leadership of the Council towards broadening the membership base of the Council with seasoned and committed professionals. Aside from extending the dragnet to give further opportunities to resourceful professionals like your goodselves, the new admission would increase the prestige and reputation of our great Council in the eyes of the public.
The opportunities being given to you today, therefore confers on you certain duties and responsibilities as new members. You are to look for ways to complement the great efforts of the already existing members and carve a niche for yourselves as suave practitioners. Your admission, instead of being seen as an end in itself, should rather be seen as the beginning of another chapter of knowledge acquisition and unselfish devotion to the profession of insurance broking. It is no longer news that the contemporary trends of our practice today has necessitated the need for all Insurance Broking practitioners to be creative and ethical in order to meet the growing needs of the clients. We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results!
On the part of the Council and particularly this leadership, I assure you of all required support to excel. You must also not shy away from volunteering information on special areas of competencies that you have that may be required for the Council’s growth. We all have a duty to take the Council to greater pedestal than we met it and I am sure you will not fail in this respect!

It is on this note that I like to once again appreciate the Membership Committee, under the Deputy President of our Council, Barr. Rotimi Edu, mni, for diligently screening and recommending these crop of professionals for induction. Also worthy of appreciation is the Training Committee under Past President Shola Tinubu, FCIB, for mapping out suitable courses for the enrichment of knowledge of the new Associates.

I like to conclude by asking that you take utmost advantage of this opportunity by eschewing every forms of distractions.
I wish a delightful event.
Thank you

Bisi Bamishe

Bisi Bamishe

I am a journalist with many years of experience in the field of Insurance and Pension. In 2003, I won Nigeria Media Merit Award of the IGI's Prize For Insurance Reporter of The Year

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